Raramente ho scritto di me stessa su Blogosfere Style & Fashion, ma in questo caso faccio un’eccezione, perchè Humor Chic, il blog curato da aleXsandro Palombo, mi ha dedicato un post e un artwork semplicemente splendidi.

Ringrazio aleXsandro Palombo prima di tutto per l’artwork che mi rappresenta in modo perfetto, sembro proprio un cartoon e lo adoro, e poi non posso che ringraziarlo per le bellissime parole del testo, per aver colto appieno il mio spirito e la passione che mi muove da sempre.

Ecco il testo che mi ha dedicato e non nego di essere un bel po’ commossa ogni volta che lo leggo!

Some months ago a French fashion magazine had some fun giving Italian fashion a few tweaks. The question that arose was why portals and blogs dealing with fashion in Italy amount to almost nothing, lagging far behind what we find in other countries. Bang! The comment was shrewd, significant and right on target. Why? Can we identify the responsibility for this?

We certainly can. It’s all due to the inexorable plunge into the abyss of the Italian fashion system over the last decade. Beyond the usual four big names who now owe their fortunes solely to the emerging markets, the rest is a collection of meaningless names, as the insightful Anna Wintour often repeats. Many small and medium-sized outfits are good at copying and turning out a good product, but certainly without inventing new designs, or even suggesting an original path. So when it comes to countries that are moving fast in fashion, like Brazil or China, or even the United States, which has always been accustomed to compete and seize the new, and then France which has always been good at changing it skin …. Italy finds itself increasingly having to play a marginal role, as was pointed out in the last alarming report released by the Confindustria Italiana: “Fashion is no longer a symbol of Italy.” If you’ve forgotten it, we have it on Humor Chic. Click here!

With these disheartening observations, the losers are the whole of the linked industry, including the Italian fashion blogosphere, which would be completely deserted were it not for the continued commitment of some rare and far-seeing minds.  This is why we’re presenting one on Humor Chic. Because she’s a rarity, a true pioneer of the Italian Fashion Blogosphere. An inquiring, educated and intelligent journalist, a brilliant mind with a great degree in philosophy and an approach that leads her straight to aesthetic culture, with her big glasses, easy to wear, making her look like a scientific researcher and an intellectual snob, she’s a perfect heroine for a fashion cartoon!

Her previous experience in the print media decided her to jump ship because they were too slow. She has a strong personality, free and independent. Her name is Caterina Di Iorgi, and in 2007 she founded her Italian blog,  Blogosfere Style & Fashion, which provides a good frame of reference for those interested in real-time news and trends in the fashion industry. A great fan of the social media, she’s a strong supporter of Internet democracy. As she always says, the Internet is a democratic place where there’s room for everyone. She advises fashion bloggers who want to approach the medium with professional aspirations to avoid superficiality and produce quality digital content. Fashion is not a game, it’s an industry, reality.  In Italy she was among the first to show the fashion houses how important it was to embrace the web. There were those who understood this and entrusted themselves to some serious digital PR agency. Others had a faint glimmering but entrusted themselves to pseudo digital wizards. Yet others completely failed to understand and have disappeared! But all this matters little. The most important thing is that now the French magazine has got a new address it can count on!

Ancora grazie aleXsandro, per me è un vero e proprio onore comparire sul tuo bellissimo blog ed è un onore essere la protagonista di un tuo artwork!




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