Smagliature glitterate: ecco il nuovo trend su Instagram

Dopo le smagliature dipinte, arrivano anche le smagliature glitterate. Scopriamo il nuovo trend che sta spopolando su Instagram!

Smagliature glitterate

Dopo le smagliature dipinte, arrivano anche le smagliature glitterate. Il nuovo trend che sta spopolando su Instagram è stato lanciato dall'artista Sarah Shakeel, che ha trovato un modo tutto suo per celebrare la nostra meravigliosa e imperfetta bellezza, utilizzando appunto del brillante glitter multicolore.

Thank you everyone for the #glitterstretchmarks response and the numerous features of my artwork! The past few days have been unreal! Good and bad, but tbh I shall always look at the good side because nothing is more powerful then giving confidence to myself along with so many women and men out there! My hopes are unreal and so are my dreams! The stretch marks story will continue and I have so many other ideas and plans in mind. The artwork that I have made out of you are real! These picture that you see are REAL of REAL women with stretchmarks! Thank you for making #glitterstretchmarks a part of your lives. I love you all from the core of my fluffy heart. . CollageArt.SaraShakeel Photography @facesbycela . The next week I'll be super busy with my upcoming exhibition & an interview in my home country , my apologies if i don't post alot in the coming week. ☄☄☄ . . #love #loveyourself #lovemyjob #patientlywaiting #patience #hope #daydreaming #art #artwork #collage #glitter #theweekoninstagram #whereicomefrom

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L’artista ha quindi cominciato a pubblicare foto di gambe, pance, braccia e altre parti del corpo segnate dalle smagliature, tutte ricoperte di glitter dorato, blu e argentato, rendendo vera e propria arte questo inestetismo fin troppo odiato dalle donne. Con l’hashtag #GlitterStretchMarks l’artista ha fatto esplodere un fenomeno diventato letteralmente virale, un fenomeno che porta con sé un messaggio importante, ovvero che è decisamente giunto il momento di dire "Basta" all’imbarazzo per le proprie imperfezioni, e di imparare ad amare ogni singolo aspetto del nostro corpo, dai più belli a quelli “meno belli”, perché ogni segno, ogni smagliatura, e ogni cicatrice raccontano un pezzo della nostra storia!

You guys have NAILED the #glitterstretchmarks game!I I cannot explain how overwhelmed I was to see around 300 emails of stretchmarks, cellulite, scars and the best part is I am getting requests from men asking if I can put glitter on their marks too! Isn't that just fabulous! ... How each and everyone of you wanted me to make you guys a part of my art! Litrelly I had to go through each and every email reply them and let them know how normal and beautiful it is to own one of these stripes! I promised you guys I'll make you a part of my art! I have been super busy with my upcoming exhibition here in my home country! But i had to take a little time out to fullfil my promise! For those who are still waiting , Do look into my stories and you might find your edit! Thank you once again for being with me on this! Relating and creating art together & forever!!!! I love you all 🌹🌹 . Btw for those who listen to @bbcasiannetwork on radio ill be there talking about glitter stretchmarks and well tbh who i really am! At 12pm london time . Those who want to buy my prints from the exhibition you can email at they'll let you know! . . CollageArt.SaraShakeel . . #art #love #life #artist #happy #lovemyjob #inlove #instagram #inspiration #vision #bodypositivity #theweekoninstagram #whereicomefrom

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